TORONTO PUSH, the sport technology company setting the new standard for athletic training, today announced that owners of the San Francisco 49ers have made a strategic investment in the company. PUSH and the 49ers have been collaborating on a big data research initiative aimed at empowering the 49ers training program during the team’s offseason program.

“Over the past two decades, sport technology has moved past the research lab setting to reach the training room where wearable technology helps teams gather data daily, resulting in practical recommendations for improved performance,” said Rami Alhamad, chief executive officer of PUSH. “The 49ers performance staff recognizes this opportunity, and their feedback has been instrumental. There is huge potential for our technology to have a major impact in the NFL, where professional athletes are constantly looking for ways to maximize performance.”

PUSH technology has developed two key product offerings, PUSH Vital Assessment and PUSH Band.

PUSH Vital Assessment, which has been developed with feedback from the 49ers performance staff, is an all-in-one athlete readiness assessment solution, which captures key data about the athlete's subjective and physiological readiness. PUSH Vital Assessment takes less than 4 minutes to complete every morning and data recorded is automatically communicated to the performance staff and the athlete in order to help manage the training process.

The PUSH Band, a water-resistant, sweat-wicking armband worn just below the elbow, captures highly sampled motion data during training from the athlete and then leverages advanced algorithms to analyze and interpret the athlete’s effort during training. The PUSH Band measures Power (W) output during training and Total Work (kJ), and automatically uploads the information to the PUSH Portal to be reviewed by the performance staff over time, while a player can see his own individual data through the PUSH App for real-time feedback.

This data, when collected over months, can answer key questions about the athlete's progression in training.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our players improve their performance,” said Paraag Marathe, chief strategy officer & executive vice president of football operations for the San Francisco 49ers. “Wearable technology has made major improvements in the training space, and we’re eager to see how PUSH will help our players maximize their performance on the field. We have already seen positive results from utilizing PUSH, and that is why we not only use the product, but our owners have also chosen to become strategic investors.”

Since April of 2016, PUSH products have been used on a trial basis in order to provide the 49ers performance staff with valuable training metrics and actionable feedback to actively guide training decisions.

“We see great value in the metrics that PUSH technology is able to provide in the management of our training process,” said Mark Uyeyama, director of human performance for the San Francisco 49ers. “Through our collaboration with PUSH, we have developed a series of useful checks and balances that allow us to validate our planning while offering our players a highly manageable tool that helps promote great training habits and open dialogue with our performance staff.”

PUSH products have been used in the 49ers offseason training program to help enhance communication between the performance staff and the players.

For more information on PUSH, visit the website at www.trainwithpush.com.

About PUSH
PUSH, the sports technology company setting a new standard for athletic training, is providing athletes and their coaches with objective insights on performance through advanced wearable technology. PUSH eliminates the guesswork involved in training for coaches and athletes by providing scientifically validated metrics that objectively assess the performance of the athlete. Using these metrics, coaches and athletes are able to make the right adjustments in the weight room to maximize results, reduce risk of injury, and shorten recovery time for injured athletes. The PUSH Band system includes a wearable armband, a mobile app for athletes and a web portal for coaches to be used to easily track and schedule routines. For more information, visit www.trainwithpush.com.

About the San Francisco 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers, owned by Denise and John York, currently play in the NFC West division and have won five Super Bowl trophies including Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV and XXIX. The franchise also has six conference championships and 19 divisional championships and was the first major league professional sports team to be based in San Francisco over 60 years ago. Please visit www.49ers.com and follow the 49ers on Facebook and Twitter @49ers.

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