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Velocity Based Training tools have been around for 20+ years, tools like the Tendo Unit and GymAware, despite their cost, are found aplenty. Why consider PUSH? Because it’s much more than just a Velocity Based Training tool.

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velocity based training for everyone

No strings attached. Coaching has evolved over the years but the tech around it hasn't, until PUSH came along. With your PUSH Band, you can measure over 400+ exercises in the gym including all traditional and olympic lifts. You can also test your athletes and define any sport-specific explosive movement to measure too. All for $349 instead of $3,000+.

Skip the setup, get straight to testing.

Save time and create a competitive environment. Whether you're measuring jump heights or quantifying sport-specific movements, the PUSH Band gives you instant performance testing capabilities.

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Measure any explosive movement

You can't improve what you don't measure. Athletes respond to metrics and the closer the metric to their sport, the better. With PUSH's latest Free Movement, you can test any sport-specific explosive movement in minutes, instead of hours. No setup required.


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Get Dan Baker's 3 part velocity based training guide and learn how to gauge your athlete's daily strength, performance, fatigue, and recovery. World renowned S&C coach Dr. Dan Baker has drawn on 20 years of experience using velocity based training (VBT) to outline its 3 most important components.

Get these 3 complimentary lessons delivered to your inbox and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to objectively validate your coaching decisions:

Part 1: Normative Velocity Scores
What to look for in different strength & power exercises

Part 2: Velocity & Fatigue Scores
What does it mean during training & for athlete recovery

Part 3: Practical Uses of VBT
How to use VBT to improve coaching & programming

Case Studies

Here is a glimpse of how Southern Methodist University uses PUSH Vital and Bands 2.0 for internal and external monitoring on their athletes
Here is a glimpse of how Softball Canada uses PUSH to optimize player performance and train their atheltes remotely! Using Velocity Based Training to drive performance.

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PUSH Band 2.0 Starter Kit
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Why choose PUSH vs a typical Linear Position Transducer? Of course we’re biased but here’s a quick comparison.



+ More Versatile. Can be used for jump testing and tracking any non-barbell exercises. With Band 2.0, you can place on barbell for team-training as well as on-body for non-barbell exercises.

+ User-Friendly Software. PUSH is renowned for its ease of use, you can pick up PUSH and start using it in minutes as opposed to hours.

+ Portal Integration for Remote Coaching. PUSH’s System enables you to schedule workouts, generate reports, and run competitions with ease.

+ More Affordable. PUSH Band 2.0 only costs $349 as opposed to $2500+ for established LPT systems.

- Less accurate with 400+ Lb loads. PUSH’s accelerometer technology is excellent for most lifts but is not as accurate for < 0.1 m/s lifts at very high loads.



+ More accurate at 400+ Lb loads. LPT technology is better suited for heavy power-lifting style training.

- Difficult for travel. LPTs are bulky and difficult to travel with.

- High cost. LPTs are much more expensive than accelerometer-based VBT systems such as PUSH.

- Poor Usability. LPTs are hardware companies first, making their software less user-friendly and more difficult to use without supervision.

- No ability to schedule workouts. LPTs on the market don’t offer the ability to schedule workouts in advance using the Portal making them unsuitable for most remote coaching applications.

Tech specs.

 6 DoF inertial measurement unit consisting of:
  - 1 3D Accelerometer
  - 1 3D Gyroscope
  - Data collected at 1000 Hz

- Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  - 1.5 hour full charge cycle
  - 50% charge after 30 minutes
  - 30 hours continuous motion recording
  - 12 days charge retention while powered down
  - Power consumption: 50 mA during charging

  - 20 ft. range
  - Enhanced Bluetooth 

Size & Weight
- Height: 77.5mm (3in)
  - Width: 55.3mm (2in)
  - Depth: 15mm (0.6in)
  - Weight: 32g (1.1oz)

  - iOS 9 devices and up
- Bluetooth 4.1 and up
  - Does not support iPod 5