5 Ways To Improve Your Coaching With PUSH Portal

Everything you need to effectively train and monitor your athletes is included in the PUSH App. For coaches looking to gain an extra edge, we built PUSH Portal. Here are 5 ways you can use Portal to improve your coaching.

Create your own custom exercises

With over 250 exercises supported by PUSH, the majority of your workouts are going to be fully trackable out of the box. If, however, you are programming and are unable to find the exercise you are looking for, that doesn’t mean you can’t track it.
Technology should be accommodating and tailor itself to your routine, not the other way around. The PUSH Band is already designed to seamlessly integrate with your training, and PUSH Portal takes this one step further. In Portal you can create any custom exercise you want to track by using our existing algorithms.

It only takes a few clicks on the PUSH Portal dashboard to create a custom exercise. Simply select an existing exercise in our database with a similar motion, and PUSH Portal will feed your PUSH Band with the instructions it needs.
PUSH Portal unlocks the ability to track velocity and power for any exercise, so you can leverage the benefits of velocity based training for every rep in the gym.

Make remote coaching practical

Consistency in training is essential to success. The problem is that travel, the offseason, and conflicting schedules can all interfere with your ability to personally train your athletes.
How do you maintain a consistent training schedule when you’re not able to be in the weight room with your athletes?
Sure, you can send your athletes a program and ask them to follow it, but coaching would be an office job if it were that easy. To effectively train your athletes remotely you need a more practical and personal solution.

PUSH Portal is the closest thing to actually being there as a coach. When your athlete trains with their PUSH Band, the training data auto-syncs to your Portal dashboard. This paints a 3 dimensional view of their performance and enables you to provide them with meaningful coaching cues.
There’s no faking the numbers. Where other remote coaching solutions give the athlete a checklist, Portal shows you the velocity and power of every lift that they complete. Looking at the stats you can immediately tell if your athlete is actually doing the exercise, and how hard they are trying.
Scheduling your athletes’ workouts through the Portal means you can maintain a consistent training schedule and coach them, no matter where they go.

Paperless programming & training

With all of the current technology available to coaches, it’s surprising that Excel and clipboards are still very much a part of their daily routine. Having to build out routines on Excel, print multiple copies to follow, and manually record data can be one of the most tedious jobs of a strength coach.
Programming in Portal was designed specifically to save both you and your athletes time, so you can focus on the set at hand. Not only is it lightning fast to create and schedule new routines, but pre-scheduled workouts provide your athletes with a truly hands-free training experience.

Creating and saving a routine in Portal can be done in less than 5 minutes, and adding a new exercise to your routine is as easy as adding a friend on Facebook.  
Creating a routine begins with entering the details of the first workout. The field options available for each exercise are:
-       Reps*
-       Sets*
-       Load*
-       Supersets
-       Rest Intervals
-       Training Focus
-       Custom Velocity Target
-       Mark as a warm-up set
*Required fields
Once a routine is created it is saved to Portal, allowing you to quickly assign it to multiple teams or athletes. Routines can be duplicated and tweaked to create different variations and even organized into folders for easy access.
Programming in Portal doesn’t just save you time, but it also allows your athlete to show up and go to work.
When an athlete opens their PUSH App on the day of a scheduled session, the app will guide and monitor them step-by-step through the session. Because you’ve already told PUSH what the athlete will be doing that day, the athlete can mount their device, hit go, and train naturally. They aren’t sitting around looking at their device, they are training as usual, with PUSH helping to guide them along the way.

Create competition in the weight room

Athletes are competitive by nature, and nothing motivates them more than going head-to-head against one another. Testing days can be the most exciting days of the year in the weight room, whereas the everyday training session can become dull and repetitive.
The combine-inspired leaderboard from PUSH Portal is an easy way to keep your training fresh and mimic the excitement of those days of testing. The velocity and power data you are already collecting with PUSH can be displayed on any monitor, live, to show your athletes how they match up.

Turn a regular 3x10 set into a competition. Select the exercises and metrics you want to display before the session, or make edits on the fly. The Portal Leaderboard will display top performing athletes for each category, and keep a running ticker to show off all of the day’s results.

Fine-tune your periodization

Planning an effective periodization schedule is difficult, and that’s not considering the manual data entry and subjective evaluations required to properly prep your athletes for competition. PUSH Portal manages all of your athlete data for you, so periodization isn’t any harder than it has to be.
Portal automatically generates both exercise-specific reports and total work summaries, so you can objectively see how your athletes are trending.
Competition coming up? Portal will give you the insights you need to maximize your athletes’ production capabilities at the right times. By accessing the PUSH Portal dashboard you are leveraging the full use of the objective data collected by your PUSH Band to support your objective coaching decisions.
Automatically store all of your testing, training, and total work data in one place so you get a complete picture of your athletes. Without the manual data entry.