3 Game Changers in Female Strength Training

In honor of International Women’s Day, we decided play tribute to a few notable names in women’s weightlifting: a pioneer, a leader and a champion. The successes of these inspirational women prove lifting is no longer  a 'men's sport'.

The Pioneer Regarded as a pioneer in women’s weightlifting, Judy Glenney was an American National weightlifting Champion that paved the way for female strength trainers.  After several years of unofficially competing with men, she lifted in the first official American national women’s meet in 1981 and won gold the following year. Need some inspiration? Learn more about her story here.

The Leader Moira Lassen, mother of Yukon Olympic weightlifter Jeanne Lassen, was the first woman in 108 years to be elected to the International Weightlifting Federation Executive Board.  She has dedicated her career to “continually developing the sport of weightlifting on a global scale and engaging more girls and women to participate as athletes, coaches, officials and decision makers.”

The Champion Crowned the ‘Fittest Woman in the World’, CrossFit athlete Samantha Briggs started CrossFit in 2009 and annihilated her competition in 2013 putting her on top of the leader board. With a background in soccer, triathlons and firefighting, Briggs proves women can be lean and powerful.