5 Ways PUSH Can Improve Your Fitness

Beneath the PUSH Band's dark, rugged exterior lies a friendly, encouraging, multi-purpose, badass fitness know-it all.
Being a know-it all, the PUSH Band is eager to share it's fitness knowledge with you. So what can you expect PUSH to tell you?

1. The Numbers Ain't Lying!

If you’re not training hard enough PUSH won’t hesitate to tell you.  Based on the performance metrics measured during your workout, PUSH Assist will recommend increasing your weight load and/or performing additional sets. 

2. Move On

Once worked to fatigue PUSH Assist will let you know it’s time to try a different exercise.

3. Get Some Rest!

Although you may still be able to lift those heavy loads, your power output may be declining. If so, get some rest, avoid injury and train hard tomorrow!

4. Focus On Your Form

Counting reps and sets is a thing of the past. PUSH will do this for you. All you have to do is focus on your form and push hard.

5. You Killed it This Week

PUSH measures your total “Work”, in kJs, from each workout.  Visual graphs will quickly allow you to see your progress day after day, week after week, encouraging you to continue to excel.

With PUSH as your workout pal, you will make progress.