Assembling Beta Devices


We've been hard at work over the holidays get our first round of beta devices built, coded, and ready to ship to a small group of beta testers. These testers include top coaches, trainers, and athletes from around the world, who have been selected to help debug and tweak our early models. The more testing we do now means the better our final product will be, so we're not skipping any steps! As with every good thing, there have been some minor bumps along the road. We've run into some complications with a piece of hardware required by Apple which allows the device to sync to iPhones. As a result, our Android-enabled devices will be shipped first. Apple-users, don't worry; we're working around the clock to resolve this issue to get the iOS devices out as soon as possible.

Whether its the plastic enclosures, circuit boards or batteries, we're regularly receiving shipments of various components to build each device. Each PUSH Band is hand-assembled and tested by our team before being shipped out to our highly valued beta-users. These devices are undergoing serious testing in our offices, partnering gyms, sport science labs at the University of Toronto and Swansea University in the UK, and shortly by our PUSH Labs beta testers. We're really excited to get our beta device into the hands of more pros to give us much-appreciated feedback. 

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