Intro to Velocity Based Training via HMMR Media

Velocity-based training has been a buzz word in training circles recently as devices to measure velocity becomes cheaper and easier to use. Nick and I are often skeptics with regards to new technology, but there are some real lessons to learn when the technology relates to one of sport’s most important elements: speed. We have both started implementing velocity measurements in our training and seen some fast benefits.

What is intriguing to us is that how fast you do an exercise has a large impact on transfer. The same exercise at a different speed will elicit different adaptations. That’s why we’ve begun looking into this area.

We certainly are not experts or sports scientists in this area. But you shouldn’t have to be in order for a technology to be useful; if a new technology requires you to have a PhD then it is not of much use. That being said we do enjoy learning more about this topic and plan to have some guests on the podcsat this Fall that are experts and can share with us some more of the scientific background and research going on in this area. But this episode is a good primer on the topic and if you like it please subscribe on iTunes and give HMMR Media a positive review there. And as always check back next Monday for another new episode.

  • Some guidelines for evaluating and implementing new techonology in training.
  • Common approaches to velocity-based training.
  • How Nick and I have been implementing velocity metrics in our own training. Some of the methods we are using are not strictly velocity-based training, but rather velocity-influenced training.