PUSH Kicking-Off 2014 in Indy!

Our Sport Science Series is on hold this week as Rami, our CEO, and myself will be traveling to Indianapolis IN for the 2014 NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) Conference.

I’ve been certified by the NSCA for close to 5 years now and have read countless journal articles published by the organization. Needless to say, this is an outstanding opportunity to meet some of the leaders in the field of sport science and get some of their expert feedback on what we’re doing at PUSH. We at PUSH share a common vision with the 1000 or so odd coaches attending the conference, and that’s to grow the sport science while ultimately enabling athletes to reach their goals.

2 More Reasons PUSH is Attending

As if we needed more reasons - did I mention there are going to be 1000 coaches! Let’s put it this way, we already have a big backing of beta testers that have joined our PUSH Labs program and many of them are on deck to attend the NSCA this weekend. We’re excited to meet these early adopters first-hand and get their take on our PUSH Beta unit.

The second reason - how’s this? Bryan Mann from the University of Missouri will be presenting his findings on velocity based training. From what I’ve heard, he’s done some cutting-edge research on this topic and many coaches believe that prescribing training that is based on ‘how fast’ an athlete is moving in the weight room, is the way of the future. Cal Dietz, head Strength & Conditioning Coach from the University of Minnesota, is another guy PUSH wants to learn more about. His Triphasic training approach - also firmly based on movement velocities - has solidified him as one of the top coaches in college sports.

We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support. Because of you, 2014 is already proving to be a busy and exciting year for PUSH! Not only has our team expanded, we’re preparing to officially launch PUSH this spring and kicking off the new year with our first US tour, starting in Indy!