PUSH x EveltrakSport: Using the PUSH Band with Bondarchuk Training Methods

PUSH x EveltrakSport: Using the PUSH Band with Bondarchuk Training Methods

By Derek Evely
November 7, 2018

PUSH has partnered up with EveltrakSport. Track and field coach Derek Evely has been using PUSH as his go to tech tool in the field with Dr. B's sytem for a few years now. Check out the videos below to learn more about how he incorporates it!

If you are interested in diving into the Bondarchuk methods further head over to the EveltrakSport website and check out the online course offerings Derek has put together.


BIO: Derek Evely

Derek Evely is sport educator, track and field coach, and expert in the Bondarchuk methodology and elite training systems. He brought Dr. Bondarchuk to North America in 2005 and has worked closely with him ever since. He has used the system to produce successful athletes across all events in athletics, refining the principles and methods to the North American style of coaching

Dr. B.jpeg

BIO: Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

World-leading coach, athlete and sport scientist, Dr. Bondarchuk has an unprecedented resume in global sports. As an elite athlete he was the Olympic Champion in the hammer throw in 1972 and the bronze medalist in 1976. As a Coach, he has mentored over 40 elite calibre athletes to 105 International Championship medals. Six of these athletes have earned 24 medals in various World Cup, World Championship and Olympic Games competition. As a Sport Scientist, Dr. Bondarchuk created his own unique system of developing athletes, one based on an athlete's individual response to a training stimulus rather than using a calendar-based approach. Based upon over 30 years of his own research on Soviet athletes, it is truly one of the most enlightening and intriguing methods of training in the world today.