Science of Speed (with Matt Jordan) via HMMR Media

From HMMR Media:

Speed is a common theme in our discussions on training. If you have listened to a few episodes you will continually hear us talking about how the effectiveness of maximal strength method is generally overestimated. In fact our second episode was about the advantages of submaximal training. But why does fast training work so well?

To help answer that we turned to Matt Jordan. Jordan is Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary, where he has helped over 30 World and Olympic medalists in a variety of sports. Most recently, however, he has been best known for the outstanding strength training article series he has put together Stuart McMillan (links below) and is a must follow on Twitter at @JordanStrength. Jordan is working towards his Ph.D. and really knows the science behind strength. He used his background to help us answer the following questions:

  • There are clear benefits to maximum strength training, but what are the downsides?
  • What is rate of force development and why does it matter?
  • What is the dynamic method and how does it work to increase rate of force development?
  • What are other methods of training to improve rate of force development?
  • What are the optimal training zones to work on different types of strength?
  • How do other forms of training, like isometric and eccentric training, fit into an athlete’s preparations?