Spring: Device & Delivery Update

We're quickly approaching summer and decided it was the right time for another blog update on our progress! After experiencing a minor delay back in January, we are now scheduled for a mid-summer launch; however, a more specific delivery date will be released in June. To give you some insight on the progress we’ve made so far, we wanted to introduce you to our final production prototype. This version has a sleeker design, a larger rubber button, a larger LED indicator, and a rubber USB door. Not to mention, optimized hardware under the roof. The electronics are locked down and tooling has begun for the injection molding process. We’re happy to say that this process along with the electronic assembly will be done in North America!

What’s Next?

For the next month, our team will be focused on production, testing, and certifications as the next steps leading towards our summer launch. Until then, we will be updating you regularly through Twitter, Facebook and our monthly newsletters. Keep an eye on your inbox, we’re also making an exciting announcement later this summer. If you love PUSH now, get ready to be floored!

Join Our Team

In the past year, our team has doubled in size and we’re still growing! If you’re a talented developer or know one, check out our job postings on Angel List. We’re looking to add a web developer and a Machine Learning expert to our growing team of talents. If you think you’re the right fit, please send your resume and cover letter to info@pushstrength.com.