Velocity in Detail (Bryan Mann) via HMMR Media

Two weeks ago, the team at HMMR Media provided an introduction to velocity-based training. It is a good primer on the topic. On this week’s podcast, HMMR Media brought in an expert: Dr. Bryan Mann.

Mann wears two hats as both a strength coach and professor at the University of Missouri. His focus is on velocity-based training and his doctoral dissertation focused on the topic. He has written extensively about the topic and continues to research. On this podcast, HMMR Media got him to cover a gauntlet of detailed questions:

  • Simple rules for implementing velocity-based training. Some of the research is complicated, but there are a few simple steps any coach can take to easily add a little value to each training session.
  • Why lifting is not just lifting. How different types of strength (starting strength, maximum strength, speed strength, etc.) need to be trained differently and how that works together with velocity based training.
  • How did he create his target velocity ranges for different exercises?
  • Do target velocity ranges need to be individualized? If so, how?
  • What is the difference between peak and average velocity? And when should each metric be used?

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