Measure The Effects of Your Training on Sport Performance


You aren't restricted to a list. Free Movement empowers you with the unparalleled ability to monitor any athletic explosive movement that you define. For the first time, coaches can measure how powerful their athletes can perform the movements that matter most for their sport.


No Set Up Required

Simply point the camera at your athlete wearing the PUSH Band and record a movement.

In less than 30 seconds you are able to get key performance insights from any movement. Track anything from medicine balls in the weight room to sport-specific movements on the field. 



Enhance Your Coaching Cues

Take advantage of video play back to improve your athlete's form.

The scrub bar highlights the point of peak power output to show your athletes where they are the most explosive. Effortlessly scroll over the bar for slow motion replay to pinpoint key areas of focus.



Get True Measures of Performance

Pull down easy-to-read session analytics to monitor your athlete's daily performance and guide your training decisions.

Improve your athlete's power and prove it with objective data. Show them how proper technique and training leads to real, measurable results. 


Give Credit Where It's Due

Share video with your athletes so they can study their form and brag about their top scores.

The sessions you're most proud of can be sent to your social networks to inspire conversation and ignite competition.


Just One of the Ways PUSH Optimizes Your Training


Free Movement is just one of the many features of the PUSH Band. Use PUSH to gain access to these tools and maximize every training session:

  • Track bar speed
  • Sub-maximally establish 1RMs
  • Measure jump height
  • Test reactive strength