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Don't periodize off an outdated 1RM estimate. Quickly establish up to date 1RMs using PUSH with sub-maximal loads and plan with confidence.


No plan survives first contact. Use bar speed to regulate load and volume based on today's conditions, not yesterday's.


Use Total Work (kJ) to compare outputs across sessions. Understand the impact training in the gym has on performance on the field.

  • Since our installation of the PUSH band team system, we use them daily with our athletes both in group and private settings for daily monitoring, testing, and auto-regulation of training loads.
    — Mike Young, PhD, CSCS, Athletic Lab Owner
  • Works great! Velocity tracking is a great tool for monitoring progress.
    — Ryan Lambert, Athlete
  • You guys are doing a truly awesome job. It seems like you are the only ones in this space doing it right, shipping a quality product, and responding/treating your customers well.
    — Melvin Van Horne, Athlete
  • Push Strength is the next generation of monitoring athletes in the weight room. It is vital for us to monitor the progression that our athletes make during their collegiate career for injury prevention and performance enhancement.
    — Dr. Kimitake Sato, PhD, CSCS, ETSU
  • The PUSH Band takes the guess work out of strength and power training. The bluetooth connectivity allows for greater versatility in measure power and velocity between different lifts. It increases the efficiency of training sessions by combining science and strength.
    — Brad Jellis, Head S&C Coach, Dallas Stars, CSCS