Athlete Wellness Monitoring Strategies

how to action data, enhance communication and drive culture

This 90 minute seminar explores the technical model of athlete wellness monitoring in a Football environment. Learn strategies to effectively collect subjective and physiological (HRV) wellness data from your athletes and how to action them. 

Aaron Wellman, PhD CSCS

Aaron Wellman is in his second season as the Giants’ strength and conditioning coach and second in the NFL following a 20-year career at the Division I collegiate level.

Aaron is in the final stages of completing a PhD from Bond University on the quantification of the physical demands and perceived wellness associated with practice and competition in NCAA division I college football players.

Andrew Flatt, PhD CSCS

Andrew Flatt completed his PhD in Human Performance from the University of Alabama where he worked with football. Andrew is interested in all aspects of sports science however his research interest pertains to heart rate variability and its application to monitoring training status in athletes.



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4:30-6 pm 


March 3rd

ROOM 311 at JW Marriott

Drinks & Snacks Included