Accurately set baselines for your athletes across a variety of strength and agility tests and use these baselines to make intelligent adjustments at the right time. We developed PUSH with the goal of making the most simple and straightforward platform for coaches to analyze and monitor their athletes.

Whether your athletes are at home or on the road, in-season or off-season, all you need to do is hand him or her a PUSH Band and you can monitor their progress remotely. 

PUSH Testing Module


PUSH is not only useful for monitoring bar speed during training, it can also be used to establish baselines for your athletes across the following tests:

  • Back Squat 1RM: Establish your athlete's 1RM much more accurately using bar speed and PUSH's algorithms. You can also measure Bench Press and Deadlift 1RM.
  • Vertical Jump: Measure vertical jump height without relying on a dedicated vertical jumping tool. Simply place PUSH near the waist of your athlete using the waistband offered at our shop and measure their jump height.
  • Drop Jump and RSI Stiffness: The Reactive Strength Index (RSI) Stiffness test is a measure of lower body explosive strength during a dynamic jump exercise. The RSI is a ratio of a jump height (or flight time) over the ground contact time. A higher score indicates more explosive strength. The drop jump test is used with one drop jump at a set height.

Planning. Made Simple.

We've boiled down the routine creation process into a very simple 4-step process: 

  1. Select Exercises
  2. Set Targets
  3. Select Athletes
  4. Schedule

All routines you create are saved as templates so you can easily reuse them. You can even share them with your colleagues for review and reuse.

Exercises. Lots of them.

1000s? No, but enough to keep you and your team engaged. If we don't have an exercise that you want, you can easily add it on your own for manual tracking, visible only to you and your team. If there is an exercise you'd like to see us automatically track, just let us know.

Remote Monitoring. Outstanding.

Off-season is over, your athletes are back. You have no idea what shape they're in. Let's put an end to that. 

PUSH allows you to conveniently monitor the performance of your athletes remotely using the PUSH Portal's Athlete dashboard. Collaborate with their private facility trainers on ensuring that your athletes are receiving the training they need to excel.



Looking for ways to motivate your athletes? The PUSH Portal contains an athlete leaderboard that live updates with results from your athlete's training sessions. There is no better way to motivate besides competition.

Performance, analyzed. 


The Athlete Dashboard is the primary page where you can monitor and review the progress of your athlete over time. You have the ability to tag your athlete and view their schedule, you have access to three primary charts: Session Review, Performance Review, and Training Volume. 

Session Review

Session review is where you can dig deep and explore what your athlete was able to execute on in any previous session, rep by rep, set by set.

Performance Review

This chart provides a more long-term perspective on your athlete's performance, max peak and average power output is charted over time (days, years, months) and against average loads to provide an indication of the athlete's output over time.

Training Volume Review

Training volume is a critical indicator to follow and it helps indicate your athlete's progress over time. Training volume is displayed over time as Total Work (kJ) and Load (Lbs/Kgs).

test trends

Visualize the progress of your athletes and the impact your training has had on them using the test trends tool chart. Plot the test results of your athletes over any specified period and measure your impact and their development.