PUSH Portal Release Notes

Release 3.23 - Leaderboard Relative Metrics

August 29, 2019

  • Leaderboard now has Relative metrics for Load, Force, Power, and Work. These display the associated metric relative to the athlete's current mass.

  • View who has access to your PUSH data with the new Privacy tab in Account Settings.

Release 3.22 - Calendar Improvements

August 19, 2019

  • Edit sessions that have been scheduled for your athletes directly from the team and athlete calendars. Quick changes to number of reps and load can be done directly from the preview dialog on the calendar. Structural changes to a session or workout can be done by clicking the Edit button to the right of the session name (to add/remove/move components) or to the right of the resistance training component name (to add/remove/move exercises).

  • Create team events that repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • When an athlete does a workout on a day other than when it was scheduled for the calendar will show a new icon next to the original scheduled event so that you can tell it was completed but no actual workout was done on that date. You can choose to hide these types of events (scheduled workouts that were actually completed on a different day) by clicking the button at the top left of the calendar that says "Completed Different Day" so that it is not highlighted.

  • View your team or athlete calendar as a weekly view.

  • View a printable version of a session, component, or program from the quickview dialog displayed when you view a session, component, or program from the Builder, Programming, or Calendar pages. We recommend using Chrome to print a session, component, or program since it has full support for all print formatting.

  • The Test Trend graph's y-axis will scale to only show enough values necessary to cover all data points on the graph. It will no longer always start at 0.

  • Manually completed sessions and sets will display in the Session Data graph itself instead of as a summary of reps and load. A grey bar denotes a manually completed rep and it will only have a load associated with it.

Release 3.21 - CSV Export Improvements

July 8, 2019

  • Choose which columns to include in CSV exports of PUSH band data.

  • The Athlete Mass column in CSV exports will now be the mass of that athlete at the time of the row in the export. For example in Session Data and Test Data exports this means it will be their mass at the time that session or test was completed. For Session Total exports this will be their mass at the beginning of the selected timeframe being exported.

Release 3.20 - Dynamic reporting graphs

July 2, 2019

  • View the data in the Reporting tables in a graph. Each graph shows one column from the table across all athletes on your team.

  • If your credit card used for Portal has expired or is no longer valid you can now update it from the Portal Subscription Settings dialog. You will still need to contact PUSH support to get your account reactivated immediately.

Release 3.19 - manual Entry tests

June 16, 2019

  • Create manual entry tests in Portal by specifying a test name and units that the test results are in, for manually tracking the results of tests that the PUSH mobile app does not include. For example: Broad Jump. The test name would be “Broad Jump” and units could be “m”.

  • View and manage all your created manual tests from the Exercise Database > Tests tab.

  • Add results for each test for multiple athletes from the Exercise Database > Tests tab, or from the Athletes page, or from the Test Trend graph while viewing results for a manual entry test for an athlete.

  • Edit and delete manual entry test results for an athlete by clicking on them on the Test Trend graph.

Release 3.18.1 - maintenance release

June 10, 2019

  • On Team Dashboard Performance Team Performance graph you can now view %1RM values that are greater than %100.

  • Small bug fixes

    • Update date of current 1RM properly when previous 1RM was deleted.

    • If Exercise Database page currently open when exercise updated directly from universal search results have page refresh immediately with updated exercise.

  • Small UI improvements.

Release 3.18 - Exercise Database

May 30, 2019

  • View all PUSH exercises from the new Exercise Database page.

  • View and manage all of your organization’s custom exercises from the new Exercise Database page.

  • Create multiple custom exercises quickly using the new “import from CSV” feature.

Previous versions not yet documented on this page.