PUSH Trial Program

We created the PUSH Trial Program to give elite programs and facilities a chance to gain first-hand experience with the powerful new PUSH Band 2.0. The best way to learn is by doing, and we want you to see the difference it will make in your coaching and programming for yourself.

Join the PUSH Trial Program to get a no-commitment, 30-day trial of the PUSH Band 2.0. We will also include 2 weeks of unlimited access to our PUSH Portal dashboard to help you visualize the data you collect in each session.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To begin the trial, the user will place a security deposit down equivalent to the full value of whatever product(s) they are trialling.
  2. Included in this initial deposit is the cost of shipping from PUSH to the user.
  3. The trial period begins at the day the unit is received by the trial partner based on the shipping tracking confirmation code, and continues for 30 days.
  4. The user commits to dedicating the required time to properly evaluate the PUSH system during the 30-day trial period; PUSH commits to adequately supporting the user and answering any inquiries promptly during this period.
  5. If the user trialling the product is interested in continuing with the Band, PUSH will retain the full security deposit.
  6. If the user trialling the Band is not interested in continuing with PUSH, they will be refunded their security deposit (less the cost of initial shipping) within 24 hours of the trial unit being received in the PUSH office.
  7. If the user trialling the Band is not interested in continuing with PUSH, the user is responsible for promptly returning the PUSH Band within 10 days of the end of the 30 day trial period (or before).
  8. The user commits to returning the trial unit in similar condition to which they received it. Any signs of significant damage or wear will void the refund guarantee.
PUSH Band 2.0 Starter Kit

Join the world's most elite organizations and get the wearable that does it all. Track your athletes' training from the bar or their bodies, start training with PUSH.

Included in the PUSH Band 2.0 Starter Kit:
- 1 PUSH Band 2.0
- 1 Bar Mode Sleeve
- 1 Arm Strap

Arm Strap Sizing: (from the widest part of forearm, near your elbow):
Small Strap (9-12 in / 22-30 cm)
Large Strap (11.5-17.5 in / 29-44 cm)

Strap Size:
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