To get the most out of your training, we have created a database of exercises that our PUSH Band will help you track automatically. Every exercise that is added to our list is tested and validated against lab grade equipment to ensure optimal accuracy and reliability. For exercises that we don't automatically track, you can manually log the number of reps you did. We use the data we record about your motion to prioritize which exercises we should add next.

We are continually adding more exercises to our database. Scroll below to submit your suggestions for exercises to auto-track next!


Real-Time Exercises

  • Bicep Curl DB
  • Hang Power Clean BB
  • Hang Clean BB
  • Back Squat BB
  • Back Squat w/ Pause BB
  • Split Squats BB
  • Bench Press BB
  • Front Squat BB
  • Hang Snatch BB
  • Hang Power Snatch BB
  • One Arm Snatch DB 
  • One Arm Snatch KB
  • Push Jerk BB
  • Behind the Neck Push Jerk BB
  • Split Jerk BB
  • Bent Over Row BB
  • Bicep Curl BB
  • Jump Squat
  • Counter Movement Jump
  • Clean BB
  • Clean DB
  • Clean Jerk BB
  • Clean off Blocks BB
  • Power Clean BB
  • Power Clean off Blocks BB
  • Alternating Lunge BB
  • KB Swing
  • BB Thrusters
  • Underhand Grip Bent Over Row BB
  • Pendlay Row BB
  • Back Squat BB w/ Chains
  • Bench Press BB w/ Chains
  • Bench Press DB
  • Box Squat BB
  • Bulgarian Squats BB
  • Counter Movement Jump w/ Arm Swing
  • Deadlift w/ Trap Bar
  • Deadlift DB
  • Deadlift KB
  • Deadlift BB
  • Wide Grip Deadlift BB
  • Sumo Deadlift BB
  • Front Raise DB
  • Narrow Grip Bench Press BB
  • Push Press BB
  • Push Press DB
  • Push Press KB
  • Med Ball Overhead Slam
  • Overhead Squat BB
  • Romanian Deadlift BB
  • Romanian Deadlift DB
  • Side Raise DB
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift BB
  • Widegrip Bench Press BB
  • Power Snatch BB
  • Power Snatch off Blocks BB
  • Snatch BB
  • Snatch off Blocks BB
  • Good Morning BB

Full Exercise Library


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