The Ultimate Assessment Kit


The Ultimate Assessment Kit


Do you measure athlete jump heights, test reactive strength, or assess groups of athletes at the beginning of the year? The Ultimate Assessment Kit provides you with all the tools you need to get the job done right.

Save time and eliminate the need for calibration or tedious equipment set ups. Use the included PUSH Waist Band to accurately measure your athlete’s jump heights.

Equip yourself to meet all of your daily training demands. The extra PUSH Strap ensures you can monitor athletes of all sizes and ages, while allowing you to efficiently train more athletes in a day.

Save $15 on a PUSH Band, Strap and Waist Belt when you purchase The Ultimate Assessment Kit! 

What's included:
PUSH Band (physical device)
PUSH Waist Belt
PUSH Strap (Small or Large)
Additional PUSH Strap (Small or Large)
microUSB Charger
Instruction guide

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