Ultimate Assessment Kit


Ultimate Assessment Kit


The definitive PUSH Band 2.0 package comes with all the accessories you need to get the most out of Band 2.0:

Bar Mode Sleeve: Attach the PUSH Band 2.0 to the bar and allow your athletes to jump onto the rack without having to take their Band on and off.

Waist Belt: Accurately measure jump heights and test reactive strength with no equipment setups.

Extra Strap: Train athletes of different sizes more efficiently with an extra strap to share with your teams. 

Arm Strap Sizing: (from the widest part of forearm, near your elbow)
Small Strap (9-12 in / 22-30 cm)
Large Strap (11.5-17.5 in / 29-44 cm)

Strap Size:
Extra Strap Size:
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