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Scientific Validation

PUSH Is Validated Against The Gold Standard: 3D Motion Capture

Sato, K., Beckham, G. K., Carroll, K., Bazyler, C., Sha, Z., & Haff, G. (2015). Validity of wireless device measuring velocity of resistance exercises. Journal of Trainology, 4(1), 15-18.

Compared To a Traditional lpt, PUSH Is A Valid Measure Of Velocity

Balsalobre-Fernández, C., Kuzdub, M., Poveda-Ortiz, P., & del Campo-Vecino, J. (2016). Validity and reliability of the push wearable device to measure movement velocity during the back squat exercise. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 30(7), 1968-1974.

PUSH's Measures of peak Velocity & Power of A Countermovement jump are Valid & Reliable compared to A Force Plate

Ripley, Nicholas, and John J. McMahon. "Validity and Reliability of the PUSH Wearable Device to Measure Velocity and Power During Loaded Countermovement Jumps."