The Science Behind the PUSH Band

The PUSH Band measures metrics that are key indicators of athletic performance: Velocity and Power. In addition, PUSH calculates an athlete's Total Work, measured in Kilojoules (KJ), which allows you to quantify effort for every session. The PUSH Band is the world's first scientifically validated wearable device to track these metrics


Velocity Based training: validate your coach's eye

Professional S&C coaches agree, the speed at which an athlete lifts can tell you how appropriate the load is. If an athlete is lifting slowly, then the weight applied is too heavy; too fast and it could be time to add more.

It takes a skilled coach to know when an athlete is lifting outside of their ideal velocity range, and sometimes the signs aren’t obvious. Objective velocity data can help:

  • Determine an athlete's daily optimal training load
  • Measure an athlete's level of fatigue to avoid over-training
  • Highlight target velocity ranges for Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, and Hypertrophy focuses


Power: The ultimate metric of performance

Measured in Watts, power is calculated by multiplying the force of a lift by the velocity. Force takes into account not only the weight lifted, but also the effective body mass of the athlete as well as the acceleration of the movement.

Power is able to answer these previously unanswerable questions:

  • How can I evenly compare athletes of different weight classes?
  • How hard is each athlete actually working?
  • How can I tell if an increased load was beneficial?



Total work is calculated by multiplying the force of a lift by its displacement, and includes both the eccentric and concentric phases of a lift.

Our algorithms and development team worked tirelessly to develop the first practical tool to calculate total work outside of a lab setting to help you:

  • Quantify how hard an athlete pushed themselves in a session
  • Guide the optimal scheduling of future sessions
  • Determine the total amount of stress imposed on an athlete



Worn on the forearm and paired with your iOS device, the PUSH Band combines the latest technology with industry-leading algorithms to provide you with actionable workout analytics that will take your coaching to new levels.