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A Perfect Match for the Advanced Minimalist

StrongFirst, the global leader in Strength Education, and the PUSH Band 2.0, the top wearable velocity based training tool used by nearly every professional sports league around the world, are pursuing a mission to equip athletes with the highest quality of knowledge and tools.

2 Elite Fitness Brands Combining Forces.

After waiting 5 years, StrongFirst finally release their newest book, The Quick and The Dead. The Advanced Minimalist will thrive on StrongFirst’s instruction to monitor their power, speed and rest intervals. More and more StrongFirst content will include instruction on how the PUSH system can be leveraged to get the most out of their training protocols.


Are you ready?

The team at StrongFirst is excited by the potential that the PUSH Band can bring to their followers and have invested the time to integrate PUSH into their kettlebell training and beyond.

Get the wearable that does it all.

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The vision for the future of strength training and the devotion to research and validity that is shared between PUSH and StrongFirst has led us to create a partnership that will provide StrongFirst members and followers with discounts and content to aid them in their pursuit of increased personal excellence.