Mark Uyeyama
High Performance Director at SF 49ers
“We see great value in the metrics that push technology is able to provide in the management of our training process.”

Garrett Celek
Tight End at SF 49ers
“The day I’m feeling my best it reads a certain number. If it’s too high or too low, I know there are things that I need to do to get back to normal & make sure I’m getting back to the best of my ability.”


Brad Jellis
S&C coach for Dallas Stars of the NHL

“The PUSH Band takes the guess work out of strength and power training.  The bluetooth connectivity allows for greater versatility in measuring power and velocity between different lifts. It increases the efficiency of training sessions by combining science and strength.”


Sean Johnson MS, CSCS, RSCC
Minor league S&C coach for St. Louis Cardinals of the MLB
“PUSH has been a very important tool in our development of athletes. The information it provides helps us to attain optimal lifting during a grueling season.”


Dr. Kimitake Sato 
S&C Coach, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University

“PUSH is the next generation of monitoring athletes in the weight room. It is vital for us to monitor the progression that our athletes make during their collegiate career for injury prevention and performance enhancement.”


Tony Hoffman
Former AA Pro BMX Racer, BMX High Performance Coach
"Because of the PUSH portal I finally have the ability to properly manage and monitor fatigue, progress in power outputs and load balancing for a specific workout to athletes in 4 different continents in one easy to use location. It has brought my efficiency as a coach to a whole new level."


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