All runners are putting in their kilometers, but not all are putting in the gym time. Strength and power training can set you apart from the pack, but you want to make sure it’s ahead and not behind. The scientific literature shows beyond a doubt that heavy strength training1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and explosive power training1,6,7,8,9,10,11 improve running economy, that is, the energy required to sustain a given running speed.

However, runners fear the potential negative effects of an increase in muscle, size and residual fatigue. Avoid these outcomes of classic strength training protocols by utilizing velocity-based training (VBT) to increase your running economy without any negative interference.

There are Significant Advantages to be Gained From Untapped Workout Data


From GPS watches to heart rate monitors, new technologies have improved every aspect of a run. But, while every step of your run is recorded, one important part of your training isn't: your strength workouts.

In strength training, the weight you lift is like the distance of a run. It's important but can't tell the whole story. To assess the performance of a run, you need the time - and in the weight room, you need velocity.


The Most Important Metric You Haven't Measured


For over 20 years, professional strength coaches have used complex devices to measure the velocity of their athlete's lifts.

As a runner, velocity data can give you a complete picture of your workouts and is the secret in allowing you to: 


Improve Your Running Economy With Smart Strength Training

The PUSH Band - $289


The Power Of A Lab Tool, On Your Arm


The PUSH Band combines two decades of research with proprietary algorithms to give runners access to velocity tracking technology previously only available to professional strength coaches.


“Since our installation of the PUSH band team system, we use them daily with our athletes both in group and private settings for daily monitoring, testing, and auto-regulation of training loads"

- Mike Young, PhD, CSCS
Track and Field Coach, Owner of the Athletic Lab

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Even the most experienced runner needs a pacer. The PUSH Band is your pacer for the weight room.

The speed you lift determines the outcome of the exercise. The Band tells you in real-time if you should go faster or slower to ensure every rep adds strength, not muscle mass.


Wondering if you should add or remove weight?

With PUSH setting your pace, it's not a matter of how much, but how fast. Objective velocity data provided by PUSH helps you select your optimal daily training load.

Take the guesswork out of your training. Add or remove weight based on your velocity targets for that day.


safely determine the difference between hard work and fatigue

Your workout is almost over and you're pushing to get the most out of the session. How can you tell when it's time to stop?

PUSH notifies you when a rep was too slow, and by how much. A small drop in velocity is OK, but a large drop is a safe sign to stop.



Actionable Data, anywhere

After your workout, you can view a "road map" of your session. Much like reviewing your runs, you can see your response to training over time on your desktop or iOS device.

Want to fine tune your scheduling or re-arrange your weekly plan? Log into PUSH Portal to make the changes you want and have them auto-update in the PUSH App for easy reference.


Add Intelligence to Your Workouts

The PUSH Band - $289

Worn on the forearm and paired with your iOS device, the PUSH Band measures the velocity of your lifts to provide guidance and help optimize your strength training.


  • Wireless:
    • 30 ft. range
    • Enhanced Bluetooth 2.1
  • Battery:
    • Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
    • 2.5 hour full charge cycle (50% charge after 30 minutes) with supplied charging cable
    • 7 hours continuous motion recording
    • 12 days of charge retention while powered down
    • Power consumption: 350 mA during charging
  • In the box:
    • PUSH Band
    • USB Charging Cable
    • User Guide
  • Sensors:
    • Accelerometer
    • 1 Gyroscope
  • Units of Measure:
    • Metric
    • Imperial
  • Size & Weight:
    • Height: 77.5mm (3in)
    • Width: 53.3mm (2in)
    • Depth: 15mm (0.6in)
    • Weight: 32g (1.1oz)
  • Compatibility: 
    • iPhone 5 and up
  • Languages:
    • English


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